Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dog Haus

A few weeks ago we got the chance to check out Dog Haus, a California-based gourmet hot dog shop now in Richardson! We were really excited about this place because it’s Texas’ first location and frankly (get it?), there aren’t enough restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area dedicated solely to quality hot dogs.

Dog Haus Biergarten has recently gained national attention for their premier, all-beef hot dogs and sausages, along with their humanely-raised Black Angus burgers, sans antibiotics or hormones - which they heavily take pride in. Each dog, sausage and burger is stuffed inside multiple King’s Hawaiian rolls, grilled to perfection – which gives them all the perfect amount of fluffy bun to meat ratio.

While visiting their sole Texas location, we got the amazing (and overwhelming) opportunity to try nearly every one-of-kind item on their menu; so, we’re here to give you the rundown of our favorites.

Our Favorite Dog: The Cowboy

Not to toot our own horn here, but we love a good Texas-style dog – can you blame us?

This guy is not only covered in barbeque AND cheddar cheese sauce, it’s also sprinkled with crispy onions and wrapped…in…bacon. We highly recommend this option if you don’t want to venture too far from a traditional dog but still want to try something tasty and different.

Our Favorite Sausage: Reservoir Hog

If you’re headed to Dog Haus to try something more diverse – remember just two words: Reservoir Hog.

This one takes a major Polish approach with its kielbasa and “haus-made” slaw and chili, topped with the perfect drizzle of mustard. Along with the slight sweetness of the Hawaiian roll, you get tons of different flavors with every bite.

If you’re ready to switch up your typical dog options, we highly suggest going for this bad boy.

Our Favorite Burger: The Hangover

We know Dog Haus is known for their premium hot dogs and sausages, but don’t sleep on their burgers.

Any burger with a gooey fried egg on it is a favorite in our books, and this one also happens to be slathered with chili, American cheese and smoked bacon.

It’s just the right amount of every ingredient and regardless of the mess – you won’t regret it. (Which may be the only thing you won’t regret after a night of drinking)

So if you had one too many this weekend – don’t wake up with a Pedialyte, get yourself a Hangover burger at the Haus!

Our Favorite Side: The Love Boat Tots

We would marry these tots.

Truthfully, there are very few words to describe the happiness we got from these little fried potato nuggets.

Tots are pretty damn good on their own, but smother them with house-made chili and slaw and you will neglect any type of diet you think you’re on.

Consistency can either make or break a food item and Dog Haus really got it right here. The crunchiness of the slaw along with the meaty chili on these tots makes for a perfect side option!

When it comes to food, we truly appreciate diversity. And Dog Haus definitely has a dog for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a light, California-style weenie with avocado or a uniquely-made spicy jalapeƱo-cheddar wurst specifically for Dallas – they’ve got you covered. (They also have vegetarian options available!)

Dog Haus, we LOVE your wieners! Dallas friends, we promise y’all will too! Go grab one, or three, any day of the week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at their adorable Richardson location – you’ll have the wurst time.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Denton Staycation

Hey friends!

I'm back from my blogging hiatus just in time to tell you about the fantastic staycation I had in Denton a few weekends ago.

First, let me just tell you about the Airbnb we got to stay in.

Y'all, this place was beautiful. With huge entertaining spaces, including an upstairs loft featuring a pool table and arcade game, it's an ideal place to bring the gang for a weekend getaway. Not to forget, the neighbors own some goats that like to spend time in the front yard. The house sleeps about 7 people, and if you count the detached house you can fit 2 more! 

Want to learn more about The Echo Lab House? Click here.

With all this space to entertain, don't forget to bring some fun along with you.
Our choice? We pulled out Cards Against Humanity and had our in-house bartender hook us up with some cocktails. Huge shout-out to Southwest Spirits & Wine for providing the liquor that got our staycation off on the right foot!

After spending some quality time at the house, 
it was time to make our way to the heart of Denton, the square

Paschall's Bar may be one of the coolest places I've seen in Denton. A speakeasy - you likely will miss the door the first time you make a visit. Located up a steep staircase on the east side of the square, this bar offers a plethora of creative cocktails that will cater to any taste. 
If you followed my instastory from this night, you'd have seen the vast array of drinks their bartenders can create. I wish I could have photos to show you here, but the lighting was just so dim the photos did not do it justice. Guess that means you'll have to check it out for yourself!

After Paschall's I spent my first night on Fry Street. This strip of bars is where you'll find all the local students who attend UNT which means one thing - it's a mad house! If you're looking to get some cheap drinks and dance all night, you oughta head out there.
I, on the other hand, got tired quick and was ready to spend some time at Echo House and go to bed. 
Before you judge, it's best I got some quality sleep considering I spent the entire next day eating.

To ease our hangover, we were treated to brunch at Barley & Board.

Mimosa Flight
I've been known to rant and rave about Barley & Board, but truly I'm never disappointed (or hungry) when I leave. On this morning, we started with their Mimosa Flight. I like to say it's a healthy choice since all the syrups/juices are fresh - ha!
Of the flavors available, strawberry mint and hibiscus were my favorites.

Blue Cheese Potato Chips
Truffled Portobello Fries

This is one kick-ass burger, y'all.
A hearty serving of meat and cheese, it's sure to revive you after a long night out on the town. 

Not pictured is Aunt Mary Ellen's Sweet Potato Bread that I'm truly confident should be considered dessert. Promise, that's a compliment. Get it to share for the table or keep it for yourself, this bread is one of a kind and will cure that sweet tooth.

See more of Barley & Board's menu here!

Brazen Two-Faced Quail & Hangtown Frittata
Fresh Cookies & Milk
After our visit at Barley & Board, it was time to pack our things and head home.

Oh, but just you wait, there's more!
On the way home from our Denton takeover, we were treated to some cool local restaurants just outside of Denton, in a town called Argyle.

First stop, Bumbershoot!

No indoor seating here. This is some real deal Texas barbecue. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Bumbershoot is phenomenal and here's why - when they sell out for the day, that's it, no more. And honestly, I believe that's how it should be. It let's me know that they wont skimp on quality just to serve the masses. They give a hoot about the meat they serve and that's evident in how flavorful and tender every dish was. And when I say every dish...
I think we tried just about every dang thing on the menu.
Plus, what are friends for if not to pick off of each other's plates?

Loaded Tots & Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos
To get a better look at Bumbershoot's menu, click here.

 Hello spaghetti-o! 
After stuffing our faces with BBQ we strolled across the street to Earls 377. Founded by Isabella and Earl, this pizza joint features authentic family recipes in what was once an old fire station.
If you know me, these are two of my favorite things (because carbs, duh) and simply - if I like your pizza without cheese, it must be damn good. And just look at that pasta to sauce ratio. Hit their patio and enjoy an afternoon of great food.

Check out more about Earls 377 here!

Moral of this story?
Head outside the Dallas zip code and you will not be disappointed. 

We had a blast exploring Denton, and I can't wait to make a trip back out to see even more!
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Gather Kitchen

The founders of Gather Kitchen, Soraya and Nicki, have created a beautiful and charming space in the heart of downtown within Thanksgiving Tower. Filled with honest and locally gathered food that's grain free, dairy free, and no refined sugars, there's no reason to not visit.


Tons of infused waters available along with lemonade and tea - all is brewed in house!

Once I sat down and realized I did not once have to ask if I was safe from dairy, I think this meal tasted even more amazing. The amount of options for our bowls was overwhelming but it only made it that much more exciting to experience the combo of flavors I had chosen. Soraya and her staff were incredibly helpful in making some of the tougher decisions and they even offered samples so I could be sure I made the right choices.

Huge plus - you can make your bowl vegan, whole 30, and paleo friendly! 

Check out Gather Kitchen's website here and be sure to visit soon.
You will not regret it.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Canton & Hall

I'm a huge watch fanatic, and when Canton & Hall invited me in to have a look at their line of watches I was ecstatic!
I always feel naked if I forget to throw on my watch, and man have I been dressed to impress with the watches I snagged from these guys.

Located off Canton and Hall streets in Deep Ellum (lightbulb moment for anyone?)
they personify the Dallas lifestyle.
Chic and minimalist, they will fit the style of any Dallas explorer.
 The masterminds behind these watches have thought of it all.

They are true quality and as much as I love my watches, I'm so rough with them.
In general, I'm a clumsy human being so I bump into most things.
These watches have withstood my many stumbles and still look as beautiful as the day I got them.
The leather - which smelt fantastic when I first got it - took a few days to soften up. No complaints here, that's when I knew it was the real deal.

No better feeling than supporting local business with something so functional and beautiful.
Check out their collection here!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Uptown Urban Market

Imagine Uptown Urban Market as the best kind of cafeteria. With tons of different food options everyone in your group can satisfy their cravings.

The Cupboard - Crispy Chicken Strips
I have never loved chicken strips as much as I loved these chicken strips. I don't live close to uptown at all, but I will 100% be making a drive out there just for these. Imagine Chick-fil-a but better (I know, I didn't think that was possible either). Don't believe me? Everyone was so obsessed they brought us out a second round!

Totto Yama - Spicy Salmon Roll
Totto Yama has fresh seafood on a fast food budget. With rolls and bowls available, you can get your sushi fix without breaking the bank. I highly suggest their Spicy Salmon Rolls or their Tuna Poke. If those aren't your jam, the friendly staff will help you decide on the meal best for you!

Anonymous Pizza Co - Chicken Pizza Pie & Amante Della Carne
From what I was told Anonymous Pizza Co. shouldn't be so anonymous - everyone should know about this pizza. I wish I had been able to try it for myself but their chef told me he was up to the challenge of creating a dairy free pizza ... I plan on taking him up on that offer!

Also attached is the Ill Minister pub. The space makes you feel like you may be in an underground distilery while offering a low key and welcoming environment. What a perfect spot to post up on game day - great lounge spaces with televisions to watch your favorite team while chowing down on a plethora of different delicious foods.

Check out Uptown Urban Market's website here!

The Cupboard - Tuna Melt
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