Monday, October 9, 2017

Gather Kitchen

The founders of Gather Kitchen, Soraya and Nicki, have created a beautiful and charming space in the heart of downtown within Thanksgiving Tower. Filled with honest and locally gathered food that's grain free, dairy free, and no refined sugars, there's no reason to not visit.


Tons of infused waters available along with lemonade and tea - all is brewed in house!

Once I sat down and realized I did not once have to ask if I was safe from dairy, I think this meal tasted even more amazing. The amount of options for our bowls was overwhelming but it only made it that much more exciting to experience the combo of flavors I had chosen. Soraya and her staff were incredibly helpful in making some of the tougher decisions and they even offered samples so I could be sure I made the right choices.

Huge plus - you can make your bowl vegan, whole 30, and paleo friendly! 

Check out Gather Kitchen's website here and be sure to visit soon.
You will not regret it.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Canton & Hall

I'm a huge watch fanatic, and when Canton & Hall invited me in to have a look at their line of watches I was ecstatic!
I always feel naked if I forget to throw on my watch, and man have I been dressed to impress with the watches I snagged from these guys.

Located off Canton and Hall streets in Deep Ellum (lightbulb moment for anyone?)
they personify the Dallas lifestyle.
Chic and minimalist, they will fit the style of any Dallas explorer.
 The masterminds behind these watches have thought of it all.

They are true quality and as much as I love my watches, I'm so rough with them.
In general, I'm a clumsy human being so I bump into most things.
These watches have withstood my many stumbles and still look as beautiful as the day I got them.
The leather - which smelt fantastic when I first got it - took a few days to soften up. No complaints here, that's when I knew it was the real deal.

No better feeling than supporting local business with something so functional and beautiful.
Check out their collection here!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Uptown Urban Market

Imagine Uptown Urban Market as the best kind of cafeteria. With tons of different food options everyone in your group can satisfy their cravings.

The Cupboard - Crispy Chicken Strips
I have never loved chicken strips as much as I loved these chicken strips. I don't live close to uptown at all, but I will 100% be making a drive out there just for these. Imagine Chick-fil-a but better (I know, I didn't think that was possible either). Don't believe me? Everyone was so obsessed they brought us out a second round!

Totto Yama - Spicy Salmon Roll
Totto Yama has fresh seafood on a fast food budget. With rolls and bowls available, you can get your sushi fix without breaking the bank. I highly suggest their Spicy Salmon Rolls or their Tuna Poke. If those aren't your jam, the friendly staff will help you decide on the meal best for you!

Anonymous Pizza Co - Chicken Pizza Pie & Amante Della Carne
From what I was told Anonymous Pizza Co. shouldn't be so anonymous - everyone should know about this pizza. I wish I had been able to try it for myself but their chef told me he was up to the challenge of creating a dairy free pizza ... I plan on taking him up on that offer!

Also attached is the Ill Minister pub. The space makes you feel like you may be in an underground distilery while offering a low key and welcoming environment. What a perfect spot to post up on game day - great lounge spaces with televisions to watch your favorite team while chowing down on a plethora of different delicious foods.

Check out Uptown Urban Market's website here!

The Cupboard - Tuna Melt
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tacolandia 2017

Photo courtesy of Dallas Observer
It's time to celebrate your love of tacos!
If you haven't already heard Saturday, October 7th is the 3rd Annual Dallas Observer Tacolandia
from 4pm to 7pm at Dallas Farmers Market. 

Unlimted Samples from:
La Botana Taco Bar
Bowls & Tacos
Café Brazil
Chiloso Mexican Bistro
Cinco Taco Bar
La Comida Mexican Kitchen & Cocktails
Freebirds World Burrito
Full Circle Tavern
Go Loco Street Tacos & Burritos
Gonzalez Restaurant
Great One Cookie Company
The Grove at Harwood
Mena's Tex-Mex Grill
Mijas Taqueria
Mission Foods
Mr. Bigotes Taqueria
La Nueva Puntada
On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina
R Taco Sundown at Granada
Taco Heads
Taqueria La Ventana
Tortilleria la Norteña

Resident Taqueria
Revolver Taco Lounge

VIP may be sold out,
but you can still snag your General Admission tickets or
Fiesta With Your Friends Pack here!

General Admission $35
Entry at 4pm
Unlimited Taco Samples
Beer and Cocktails available for purchase

Fiesta With Your Friends Pack $100
4 General Admission tickets ($25 per ticket, $40 savings)
Entry at 4pm
Unlimited Taco Samples
Beer and Cocktails available for purchase

Photo courtesy of Dallas Observer
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Monday, September 11, 2017

Zatar Lebanese Tapas and Bar

You know that moment you find yourself eating while cooking your dinner? If you say you don't know that feeling, I'm positive you're lying. Zatar is the place that you can do that with half the effort.

Zatar itself is a dip of oil and spices to enjoy with fresh pita. Often times, families make this dip while they are cooking their meals - thus the moment you may over eat before your dinner makes it to your table.

Date Night

Frozen Limonada
 Pick a beautiful evening to sit on their porch and enjoy this refreshing cocktail. Perfect balance of sweet and sour, the Frozen Limonada reminded me of an alcoholic italian ice.

Hummus Duo
I have not stopped talking about the hummus duo. Obsessed. That beautiful pink dish is their roasted beat hummus. Wow y'all. You need to get in on this. After my first taste, I hogged this dish on my side of the table.

Kibbet Karaz
These open face meatballs were super filling. With a cherry sauce, they are a great savory start to your meal. Stuffed inside is a blend of meat and walnuts, topped with scallions.

Taco Trio
Taco Trio is a great choice for the indecisive eater.
Falafel, chicken, and beef, you get tons of amazing flavor combos all on one plate.
Get them to share or make it your entree, this is an easy way to try a Lebanese inspired taco.

Cheese Cigars & Fattoush
A blend of Lebanese cheeses hugged by a golden fried pastry is the fried cheese stick you've been waiting for your entire life. I'm not sure what else I need to say to the many cheese lovers other than that. I personally did not get to try it, but my dinner buddy talked about them for the rest of the week. To balance the carb overload, we were brought Fattoush, aka a garden salad. I may have focused more on eating the pita chips on top, but definitely enjoyed the fresh produce hidden underneath. Paired with a light and zesty dressing, this is a great little salad.

Upside Down Lamb Pilaf
This dish is exactly how I imagined a traditional Lebanese dish would smell and taste. The Upside Down Lamb Pilaf is a family recipe that is so aromatic that you can nearly taste it before your fork has even touched it. If you're ready to be a bit adventurous and experience new food, this is the dish to choose. There's a reason this family recipe has been passed down.

Chocolate Halawa Cake
This cake is made especially for Zatar. 
The Chocolate Halawa Cake is layers of chocolate, nougat, and butter cream that is just waiting to be ordered. Leave room for a delectable piece of chocolatey goodness.

Check out their menu here!
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