Friday, April 21, 2017

Whisk Crepes Cafe

Over the past 6 months we've shared some noteworthy additions to the Sylvan Thirty community - an authentic ramen bar, a modern coffee shop, and an eco-friendly nail salon, among others. Being a huge fan of the development, I've made it a personal mission to explore all the new shops and eateries. Last weekend, a friend and I ventured over to Whisk Crepes Cafe.

Nestled in the corner across from Cox Farms Market, Whisk is a quaint little crêperie, serving a combination of sweet and savory crepes. Owner Julien Eelsen, a French native, grew up making crepes with his grandmother and dreamed of making crepes for a living. After falling in love with the people of Dallas, he chose our city to settle in and open his very own crepe shop. 

Savory crepes are served with either a buckwheat or flour batter. For a more traditional savory crepe, choose the buckwheat, aka galette. It's not as fluffy as the "pancakey" flour batter, but it has an earthy taste that enhances the other flavors on the plate.

My friend went with the chef's special - mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes, tossed greens, pesto, pine nuts, and lemon. It's recommended to order from the specials menu. Chef Julien will come up with different flavor combinations using ingredients that are in season to create these specials that change often! Trust us, after trying the current special, we agree that they are not worth missing! We loved the pesto and lemon flavors that popped. It was light and refreshing, making for a perfect spring meal!

I ordered the prosciutto, parmigiano, mixed greens, walnuts, and cantaloupe. I know what you're thinking. Cantaloupe? That's exactly why I went with this combination. I've never seen cantaloupe paired with prosciutto, and I thought I'd try something a little less than ordinary. And what a great combination! To me prosciutto is on the saltier side. Don't get me wrong I still love prosciutto, but the cantaloupe mellows out the saltiness and creates and explosion of delicious flavors.

For sweets, the crepe are served with the flour batter.

One of us went chocolatey - Cookies & Cream - cookie cream, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and crushed cookies. The other got the Lemon Curd, strawberries, whipped cream, cookie crumbs, and fresh mint.

Both were good in different ways. One was more decadent and the other was fruity and light. Either way, you can't really go wrong.

We ordered off the specialty crepes menu, but you also have the option to build your own. Each crepe is $3 and each topping you add on vary in price.

Whisk is a huge believer in shopping local and gathers ingredients from surrounding suppliers. Fruits, vegetables, and other necessities are sourced from Cox Farms, Hardies, Vital Farms, Mil King, and Good Flow Honey. You'll also see that Julien uses BBQ from Lockhart Smokehouse! We love locals supporting locals, so we fell in love with Whisk a little more after learning this.

A selection of wine is available to sip on in house or take home. The rosés are definitely worth mentioning as well as their list of cider crisps, both excellent paired with crepes. For brunch, $3 mimosas!

The entire menu is available at all times of the day - from 8am to 10pm. Breakfast, brunch, dinner or even just dessert, Whisk is a spot for any meal and any occasion. Try one of the Tex-Mex inspired Crepes!

View the full menu here.

Pro-tip: bring your receipt from either Whisk to Pink Pedi for 10% off (or vice versa)!

Thank you Whisk Crepes for inviting us in. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Eastwood's Bar Blog & Brunch

This past weekend we celebrated Tax Day at Eastwood's Bar with our Blog and Brunch DFW family!

Eastwood's Bar sits off McKinney Ave in the string of trendy restaurants and bars. While Eastwood's is known for their drinks and cocktails for night life, they also have a brunch menu available on Saturday's and Sunday's from 10am-4pm! So no matter how bad the hangover is, you can count on them for your hangover brunch cure.

Scroll down to take a peek at our mid-day feast!


Chicken & Waffles

The Uptown Churro Waffle

Mediterranean Egg White Scramble

Potatoes El Chorizo - a huge crowd pleaser!

Eggs Benedict

Overall, great location with a wide selection of menu items.

View the menu here.

Thank you Eastwood's Bar for hosting us. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.
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Taste of Addison

The big Addison event of the year is almost here! Foodies gather around.

Taste of Addison is an annual celebration of food, music, and fun. Each year 80+ neighboring restaurants gather to deliver the best food and flavor in a three-day event at Addison Circle Park. Addison is well known for all of their restaurants in less than a 4.4 mile radius and its nationally recognized special events. So get ready for a good time, foodie friends!

Some participating restaurants include Mad Batter Baker, Taste of Cuba, Thai Orchid, and Skinny Pizza Addison, just to name a few.

Gary Allan and Granger Smith are also set to take the stage on Saturday!

Date: May 19-21, 2017

Hours: Friday: 6pm - Midnight
Saturday: Noon - Midnight
Sunday: Noon - 6pm (FREE DAY)

Where: Addison Circle Park

Advance tickets (now until May 14): $15/person
GA: $20/person
Children under 12 are FREE.

Sunday is FREE DAY for everyone.

Weekend Pass: $30 (This includes 3 days of admission and $10 in Tasty Bucks. Available online only.

Buy tickets here.

More info here.

All photos provided by Shiroma Southwest.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Wholesome Grub

No matter how health conscious you may try to be, some days are just too busy to not hit up the local drive-thru. Lucky for us, Wholesome Grub is exactly what we've been waiting for ... the perfect combo of quick and nutritious. The menu is chock full of clean and responsibly sourced ingredients to fuel you for whatever your day has in store.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Oscar Miranda, and let me tell you this guy knows his stuff. The passion and knowledge he has only verified that their mission to offer healthy, fast, and tasty alternatives is alive and well at the Plano location. 

Thors Hammer
Oscar's first suggestion was to try one of their many Fresh Pressed Juices so I chose to order his favorite, Thors Hammer. I wont try to act like some juice expert, but I really enjoyed how refreshing it was. Not to mention how healthy I felt with every sip.

Bison Burger with Sweet Potato Fries
First on our plate was the Bison Burger. This was one of the moments where you could really tell the quality of their ingredients - every single part of this burger had tons of flavor. The avocado tzatziki sauce that topped the burger may have also been a big reason why I would gladly order another.
Oh, and the sweet potato fries, I'll take a full bag of those to-go please.

Raw Vegan Bowl
Next up was the most popular bowl on the menu, the Raw Vegan Bowl. At first I thought I may want to add some meat to make it more filling (I know, kinda defeats the purpose of vegan) but after just a few bites I could tell that wouldn't be an issue. Plenty of food and energy to power you through without that mid-day nap.

Breakfast Tacos
The angels are singing because Wholesome Grub offers their breakfast menu ALL DAY! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and anyone who's never craved breakfast tacos for lunch is a liar. The egg, potato and greens are hugged by two corn tortillas which you will certainly need since they aren't stingy with the fillings. If you want a little more protein in your tacos (or anything else on the menu) just ask!

Mixed Veggies
Seriously y'all, I'm really obsessing over this healthy fast food alternative. Now I just need them to start popping up on every corner so I can get my fix every day.

Exciting news, their incredible menu is now available for delivery through Favor!

Check out their menu here.

Thank you Wholesome Grub for the delicious food. As always, all thoughts and opinions are ours.
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Friday, April 14, 2017

Checkered Past Winery

Checkered Past Winery is the epitome of hidden gem in Dallas. The urban wine pub sits underground within the historic South Side building in the Cedars district. While the winery may be unknown to many Dallasites, Checkered Past has grown a community of loyal wine drinkers since opening their doors on Prohibition Day in 2015.

Owner and winemaker, Sandro DiSanto, instilled his wine philosophy into what Checkered Past is today, which is wine doesn't need to be a pretentious and fearsome drink even if you're not a wine expert. Wine can be a casual beverage just like beer. You can relax at a wine pub with friends and family and kick back with a glass of wine. Plenty of seating and couches at Checkered Past make for a great casual hangout spot on a Friday or Saturday night. 

The urban, modern interior, designed by co-owner Scott Reylea, was completely hand built by the two - everything from the tables to the fixtures! I loved the artsy and creative atmosphere. Such a fun space to hang out!


If you're new to wine, do not fret. As Sandro says, it's all about finding what you like, and lucky for us, Checkered Past has something to match every flavor profile.

Being an advocate for the ever-growing Texas wine industry, Checkered Past carries mostly local wines. We got a taste of some of these Texas wines, as well as some made by Checkered Past's very own Sandro, using the grapes of vineyard owner and third co-owner of the trio, Carolynne Chancellor. We have to say our native state can make some pretty darn good wine! Not to mention, the highest of quality bites.

McPherson's Albarino from High Plains, TX

Checkered Past Winery's Tempranillo from Dallas, TX

The tempranillo was my favorite of the night. We may or may not have walked out with a couple of bottles of these!

Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Everything was SO good. They're not kidding around when they say they only serve the best. You can taste it in every part of the board. Favorites were the candied pecans and the fig preserves. You can't find these just anywhere! Trust us, we tried to find them.


Checkered Past Winery's Red Red Wine and Malbec from Dallas, TX

Smoked Salmon & Herb Cream Cheese Bruschetta

The herb cream cheese is made in-house and is heavenly.

Haak Wine's Amnesia Madeira from Galveston, TX

Cajun Pizza (available Fridays only)

Checkered Past Winery's 101 from Dallas, TX

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

Y'all, this cake is a MUST. It's so decadent and I cannot get enough of those candied pecans.

Be sure to sign up for the Wine Club. Every other month, Wine Club members pick up two bottles (four bottles for Level 2 members) of exclusive wines curated by Sandro. No fee to join, no cancellation fees. Your credit card will automatically be billed when you pick up your wine within the specified amount of time. Other benefits include: 10% of all wine bottles for on-site consumption, 20% off wine bottles for off-site consumption, 30% off 6 bottles or more for off-site consumption, and special invitations to winery events!

More about Checkered Past Winery here.

Thank you Checkered Past Winery for having us and comping our meal. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.
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