Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend in Austin

Austin is always the perfect city for a weekend getaway, so if any of y'all out there are planning a trip soon, here is the 4-1-1 on our State Capital!

There are endless things to do in Austin. Whether you're into nature, food, art, or music, Austin has it all! For me, I'm mostly into the outdoors and good eats, and that was my main focus for the trip.

We got in around 8:30pm and went straight to our first stop--Moonshine. (Thankfully there was only traffic leaving Dallas, but we were prepared since we left during rush hour.) I had been craving a hearty mac and cheese at the time, so I was quick to decide on the Green Chile Macaroni. I was a little hesitant at first because mac and cheese is normally a side dish for me, not a full meal. BUT the combination of the hatch chiles, chicken, and bacon bits mixed throughout mellowed out the full on cheese-y flavor. Also pictured is the fried chicken salad and the chicken and waffles. I got to have a taste of the two, and both seemed equally as delicious as my meal.

The next morning, we headed to McKinney Falls State Park, only a 17 minute drive from the UT campus! There is a $6 per person entrance fee (no parking fees though)! We were crunched for time, so we only explored the lower falls area, which is supposedly better if you are wanting to go for a swim. I recommend wearing water shoes because there are tiny rocks in the shallow areas and larger rocks covered in algae further into the falls.

After enjoying a nice swim, we headed Caffe Medici for an almond latte. YUM!

We enjoyed the evening sunset at Barton Springs. The pool is fed from a natural spring, so the water is freezing cold (all year long). Don't let this deter you from taking a dip though, because it is absolutely worth it!

Keep in mind, no dogs are allowed and there is a $4 entrance fee.

For dinner, we headed to Homeslice for some pizza. This spot is a must-go for me every time I'm visiting.

The next day, we checked out Juan Pelota Cafe. It was unlike any coffee shop I have every been to because it's a coffee shop within a bike shop! Not sure how I felt about the scent of tires while enjoying my coffee, but it was a cool experience.

I am always in search of yummy ramen. I have yet to find anything comparable to Los Angeles ramen, but this place comes incredibly close. Ramen Tatsuya has killer ramen. Go for the Ol' Skool with a corn on the bomb and yuzu koshu bomb. Also, great news! They have two locations in Austin now, so you can skip the long wait!

Lick was my favorite stops on my trip because what's better than homemade ice cream? They have a wide variety of flavors... and not just your ordinary flavors. Check them out here.

Try the goat cheese and thyme if you get a chance. (I think it's seasonal.)

We ended our trip at The Oasis, and it was perfect, aside from the average food and horrendously long wait. I would say, just avoid the wait all together, enjoy the view at Oasis Texas Brewing Company, have some good beer and bar food, and play some games (Jenga, cornhole, and more). You can get a flight and try multiple beers for just $10!

If you have any questions or want some recommendations, feel free to leave a comment or message me directly!
Location: Austin, TX, USA


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