Sunday, September 13, 2015


Brewfest was loads of fun last night! They had live music, food trucks, and (most importantly) mass amounts of beer.

This year Brewfest offered tickets through Groupon, so I was able to get my ticket for just $30! (I believe it was $75 at the door.) We each got a stamp card for 12 samples and a small flight glass for the beer. There were tons of different breweries with tons of different kinds of beers to try. My favorite of the night had to be No-Li's Rise and Grind, brewed with roasted coffee beans!

Things to keep in mind for next year:

1. If you don't think 12 samples will be enough, don't worry, and don't go for the $5 extra punchcard. Some vendors don't sign cards and near the end of the night most will just fill your glass without asking for your card!

2. Get there a little earlier to avoid the long 30 minute wait at the door.

3. A bunch of people were wearing necklaces with pretzels on them. What a great idea!

I can't wait for next year's Brewfest. Anyone else attend? What was your favorite beer of the night?


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