Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tanoshii Ramen

Hi y'all, hope your week is going by a little faster than it's going for me. If not, here's a great place to go for a little pick me up!

I've been on the search for the perfect bowl of ramen to enjoy here in Dallas, so I had high hopes for Tanoshii Ramen. I got the spicy miso ramen soup, and it was... PERFECT. The broth had a great flavor to it and wasn't too salty. Nothing was overpowering or underwhelming. It was just perfect. 

Pictured above is also the pork belly steamed buns, which were some what mediocre. I wasn't too impressed... but I will definitely be back for more of their ramen.

I also recommend their ginger creme brûlée!

Honestly, I'm just in love with everything about this place. The dangling lights, the exposed brick, and rustic furniture... Y'all need to see it for yourselves!


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