Friday, December 11, 2015

Wabi House

Last week was extra special because my family got to celebrate not just one birthday, but two--my mom and brother! Unfortunately my brother is out doing bigger and better things in Mississippi, so he wasn't able to come home for his birthday. He gets to come home for the holidays though, which I'm super excited about, so we'll get to celebrate then! 

We did, however, get to celebrate my mom at Wabi House!

I have heard this is one of the best ramen joints in the Dallas area, and I can certainly vouch for that now. 

We each ordered a different ramen bowl so we could try as many as possible!

My sister got the dry garlic. Overall, we thought it was alright. This bowl is different from the other options because it doesn't actually come with any broth. Instead, the yolk of the fried egg is supposed to marinate the noodles. It's an interesting idea, but the garlic was extremely overpowering. Don't forget mints if you decide to order this one!

My mom got the spicy miso. This was pretty spicy (I'm somewhat of a weakling when it comes to spice though) and it didn't taste too much like miso to me. I think I prefer the spicy miso at Tanoshii Ramen. Also, if you order this one, keep in mind it doesn't come with any meat, so you'll have to add it to your order!

Lastly, I got the tonkotsu, and I was beyond happy with my choice. It was amazing! My favorite part was the chashu pork! The broth was also very good--not too salty nor too oily.

The only other ramen place I've been to in Dallas is Tanoshii, and I wouldn't say I liked one more than the other. It would really depend on what I was feeling. If I were going for a more traditional bowl, I would go to Wabi House, but if I were wanting a miso soup base, then I would go to Tanoshii. They each have their own strengths!

I had some trouble finding the actual restaurant so I thought I would show y'all some pictures of the outside of the restaurant. This is what you're looking for! I wish they had a big sign out front (let me know if they actually do and I completely missed it). There is also construction going on off Greenville so be prepared for a bit of traffic.

1802 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206

Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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