Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dallas Observer's Artopia Overview

Last night, the Dallas Observer put on their annual Culture & Art event, Artopia. The night consisted of food, drink, art, music, and fashion all in one!

This was my first year attending Artopia, and I wasn't too sure what to expect. Upon entry, it was a little overwhelming for me. There were so many things going on at once - bright lights, live music, art displays. It was crazy! (In a good way.)

I loved watching some of these talented local artists in action. Above was my favorite piece to watch come together. The artists, who are also brothers, worked on it through the night, and it was so cool to watch them transform the sheet of wood into a work of art. Click here and here to check out their Instagram pages and see the end product!

Throughout the night there were also fashion shows and magic shows interspersed between musical performances. I particularly enjoyed The Magic of Confetti Eddie with the Lovely Karleena. Click here to see more from this magician.



Lastly, I wanted to thank the Dallas Observer for putting together this event to support and celebrate the Cultural scene we have here in Dallas. There is some real talent out there that deserves recognition, and I couldn't have pictured a more perfect way to feature these artists. It was truly amazing to see so many Dallasites come together to get involved with the arts. I look forward to next year!

Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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