Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cedar Hill State Park

Since Mother Nature seems to have forgotten that it is still winter, I have tried to take full advantage of the mild temperatures we've had this season here in Dallas.

 Last weekend, I headed out to southwest Dallas to Cedar Hill State Park.


I spent a few hours exploring the park and hiking the different trails, though there were multiple areas closed off due to flooding issues. This park allows for primitive camping, so you could also grab your tents and hammocks and stay for the night.


Upon entry, you'll get a handy map that will show you all the trails and lookouts. Most will take no longer than an hour. The longest trail you'll find is about 10 miles, which is great for biking (or hiking). It takes you along Joe Pool Lake, which makes for a scenic journey.

Otherwise, you'll see a whole lot of Texas wilderness - not a whole lot of color being that we are in the dead of winter, but I'll take what I can get.

Entrance fee: $7 per person

Final tips:

1. Don't be afraid to explore off-trail. There are plenty of cool lookouts that aren't clearly designated.

2. Be sure to wear long pants. There are stickers and thorns everywhere.

4. Don't forget your trusty water bottle to keep hydrated. I love my Tribe Provisions HydeTech Water Bottle, which you can find here.

Location: Cedar Hill, TX, USA

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