Friday, February 19, 2016

Ida Claire

Ida Claire was inspired by a fictional character - a young lady who grew up in the south but wanted to travel the world. From the eclectic decor to the international twist on classic Southern dishes, Fork It Over has perfectly embodied her persona at their newest concept in Addison.

Whether you're looking for a spot to brunch with your friends or maybe to have an intimate dinner with your significant other, this establishment suits any occasion. You will find that they offer a unique range of menu items, using distinctive uses of ingredients you don't see in every Southern kitchen. Bonus points! Since we love eating out and eat out often, it's always nice to visit restaurants that are unlike any other.


For our appetizers, we started out with the Sweet Potato Chip Duck Confit and the Crawfish Corn Beignets, as pictured above on the left. Both were beyond better than expected. I will admit, I had my reservations about the beignets, but they turned out to be a great decision. The smoked mustard remoulade added a nice refreshing contrast to the spicy fried balls.

I will have to say my favorite appetizer of the two was the confit, but before I get into why this plate was the obvious winner of the night, can we all take a moment to take a gander at that fried duck egg?! I mean, HOLY COW, can it really get any more perfect than that?

Alright, I'll stop drooling now. But no lie - it tastes even better than it looks. Everything literally just melts in your melt. The goat cheese fondue, duck fat gravy, and duck egg compliment each other so well and are faultlessly tied together with the crispy sweet potato chips.


As far as supper plates go, one of us got the Pecan Grilled Redfish (left), which is probably one of your healthier options, and the other got the Nashville Hot Fried Chicken (right). These dishes had their work cut out for them after those killer appetizers. Unfortunately, they were not quite on par for me. If you've had one of the other supper plates, I'd love any suggestions you might have! Comment below.

We completed our meal with their one and only Vice Cake. It's stout cake, tobacco simple syrup, coffee buttercream, smoked-candied bacon, and ganache - extremely rich but delicious. (And leftovers are perfect with morning coffee the next day.)


Final thoughts:

1. Definitely expect to get a hearty meal. There is no such thing as a "diet" at Ida Claire. After all, it is still considered Southern-style cooking.

2. Try one of Ida's Favorite Cocktails. All are well balanced (not too sweet) and are just as distinctive as the food. We recommend the Brown Derby or the Peachy Keane (right). For those who prefer sweet drinks, try the Pink Lady, Oh Bee-Have, or the popular Hurricane.

3. Once it gets warmer out, head over for brunch on the patio or in their fun RV turned dining area (left).

Click here to view the menu.

Location: Addison, TX, USA

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