Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Grub Burger Bar

Just north of the beloved Lower Greenville area lies Grub Burger Bar.

This is no ordinary gourmet burger eatery though. Along with the classic burger, aka The Front Porch, they offer some eccentric options as well, like the burger pictured above. This is their Hippie Chickpea burger, straight off of their "Burgers That Don't Moo" section. It may be vegetarian, but y'all, it's absolutely amazing.

For a beef burger, try the OMG or the Lockhart Legend.

As for appetizers, I stand by and will always stand by their Cheese Fries. They have been my favorite in Dallas thus far. Comment below if you know of any other places in the area with good loaded fries!

This may also be the perfect evening spot because of their signature spiked shakes. Definitely get the Dirty Kitchen Sink!

Daily happy hour specials are as follows from 3pm-6pm and 9pm-close.

$3 Well Drinks
$4 Draft Beers & House Wines
$5 Spiked Drinks

Lastly, Grub also does profit shares for many school, college, church, and/or charity groups. How awesome is that?! We love places that not only serve yummy food but also give back to the community! Reach out to them if you're interested in holding some sort of fundraiser for your organization!


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