Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Located just around the corner from the AAC in Victory Park, Kenichi is the perfect spot to get your sushi fix after a Mavs game. The food is both amazing to taste as well as beautiful to look at. Your mouth will be watering the moment your food arrives to your table. While you wait, take a look at the largest sake menu in the Southwest!

WOW! We were told these were amazing, but that was an understatement. Addicted the moment the first one met our lips, the Spicy Edamame was gone in a flash. We learned that the chef made these as a simple appetizer for his restaurant only, and the success of his creation ended up in all Kenichi locations.

The Dynamite Shrimp would certainly be next on my list of must-have appetizers. Spicy but so savory, I would order a few of these and make it my dinner. 

 I can't lie. I was a bit nervous when I learned that Kenichi serves both fresh wasabi and fresh wasabi relish. I never learned to like wasabi but I knew I had to give it a second chance, and I wasn't disappointed. It added that extra flavor to make this roll that much more delicious (and certainly cleared up my sinuses!).

Here are some other tasty menu options to try:

 The Albacore Crudo

Seared Georges Bank King Scallop


The Friday Night might be my new favorite roll of all time. A little bit of spice from the dot of sriracha on top and the smooth taste from the California Roll tucked inside had me dreaming for more. I highly recommend this for anyone who is a little nervous to step out of their comfort zone.

Location: Dallas, TX, USA

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