Monday, March 7, 2016

Tom + Chee

This past week, Tom + Chee opened up their second location in the DFW metroplex!

With the first location in the CityLine area of Richardson, this new location will bring their classic comfort food closer to those in Ft. Worth. 


Believe it or not, our very own Tom + Chee began their journey on ABC's Shark Tank! Through their quirky take on the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup combo, they were able to snag an investment deal and start their very own franchise.

From savory to super sweet, gluten free to dairy free, there are plenty of options for everyone. Since we do have a lactose intolerant team member, we did get a taste of the vegan sandwich (aka Hippy + Chee), and we definitely approve!

To satisfy your sweet tooth, try one of their grilled cheese donuts! Yes, you heard that right! They serve a variety of grilled cheese DONUTS!

My personal favorite was the S'more, made with chocolate pieces, graham cracker, marshmallow mascarpone, and donut (as photographed above). Other sweet donuts are below - The Classic (left)  and The King (right).


Check them out either in Ft. Worth or Richardson! The new location is mapped below.

Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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