Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tres Dallas

This morning, we are featuring Tres Dallas for Small Business Saturday!

A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending the Tres Dallas Launch Dinner at Expo House. And the team did a phenomenal job putting together a lighthearted night of food and drinks. More photos and details of our five-course meal to follow!

But first, more about Tres Dallas.

The team is made up of two executive chefs and one event & marketing expert, and they have combined their unique skills into one platform to provide our community with a variety of services.

From business & private dinners, to pop up events, to high end event management, Tres Dallas has plenty to offer. The great thing about this new business is that they love supporting the local Dallas food scene. In fact, many of the ingredients in our dinner were locally sourced! 

The entire meal was ingenious. We hadn't had a few of the components in our dishes throughout the night, and we were a bit skeptical. But all in all, we were pleasantly surprised to find we absolutely loved the exotic ingredients and pairings!

The great thing about pop-up dinners like these is you get to try dishes you may be too scared to order at any ordinary restaurant. These dinners force you to try new things and be a little more adventurous. Most times, you'll find something you enjoy!

Below is the full menu from the dinner!
You can read more about the preparation process on their blog here.

Hen's Nest
bleu cheese egg, picked chive bulb, shaved cured yolk, tobacco onions
baby octopus, harissa, marble potatoes, watercress puree, lemon foam
grapefruit sorbet
Rabbit Porchetta
fried raviolis, smoked tomato, ricotta, pickled asparagus, basil oil
Popcorn Gelato
pineapple sage, puffed amaranth, cacao chip, clarified butter

Next week, on April 28, Tres Dallas will be at the Farm Shed Dinner with the Dallas Farmer's Market to celebrate local farmers and chefs. 

You can find the tasting menu and purchase tickets here.

Photo by Melissa Stevens
Lastly, a big thanks to Tres Dallas for inviting us to celebrate the official launch with y'all! 

Location: Dallas, TX, USA

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