Saturday, May 7, 2016

#SBS - Front Porch Pantry

Working full time and cooking homemade meals can sometimes be a struggle. Especially when I get home from a long 8+ hour day and just want to relax. That's why I'm so glad I found Front Porch Pantry. And they're based here in Dallas (which is always an added bonus)!

Let me start out by saying I was extremely hesitant to use this meal delivery service! I've heard of numerous businesses that provide similar services, but I was uneasy about spending the money and ending up with mediocre food. Being that I am now sharing this with y'all, you can probably already guess that I gave in. Today, I'm excited to share my fantastic experience (and some helpful tips) with Front Porch Pantry for Small Business Saturday!

 Last week, I received my first shipment of meals. Everything came cold-packed in a box as pictured below, waiting at my front door when I got home.  

Right off the bat, I knew I had ordered way too much for myself for the week. Each meal was decently portioned, each ended up being enough for two separate meals.

The great thing about Front Porch Pantry is that they use the freshest ingredients and their nutrition expertise to whip up a variety of tasty and healthy meals. The menu changes each week, so you can pick and choose based on your personal preferences.


And it's super convenient that they use microwave and oven safe containers for the meals that need to be reheated. All preparation details are right on the label along with the nutrition facts. Make sure to read the label carefully! I had mistakenly misread the serving sizes. Also note that the nutrition facts sometimes do not include sauces, dressings, etc.


All in all, this is a great way to have a homemade meal every day of the week without having to go through all the extra effort.

Click here to see what's on the menu this week!
Location: Dallas, TX, USA


  1. Love Front Porch Pantry! The food is fresh, delicious and extremely convenient! Front Porch Pantry has helped me balance my weekly schedule with balanced meals and variety. Highly Recommend!

  2. Front Porch Pantry is wonderful! Everything I have ordered has been delicious and most portions are big enough for my daughter and I to share, which makes it a good bargain as well! If you have been tempted to try a food delivery service, definitely give Front Porch Pantry a try- you wont be disappointed!

  3. Love FPP!! We order every week. Portions are huge and we have truly loved every menu item. Everything is heat and eat and clean up is super easy. It's a life saver!!


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    We love Front Porch Pantry! Can't wait for the new menu to come out each Friday. The food is always fresh and taste delicious. My favorites include the Chicken Caesar salad with homemade dressing! Can't get enough of it! Also love the turkey meatloaf, lasagna, and the organic roasted chicken. Everything is actually wonderful and the portions are generous, which makes it a great value. If you haven't tried FPP, I would highly recommend it!

  5. Great post! I definitely am going to order because the food looks amazing and I love the concept!

  6. We have been using Front Porch Pantry since they started and have always been pleased with the quality, quantity, and service. The food is healthy and delicious! The portions are large enough that we always have leftovers. It's the perfect solution for working parents. Great company!

  7. Our company has ordered lunch for the entire office several times and it has been outstanding! Uptown subs were delicious and the pasta salad was amazing! We also had a hot lunch served which included grilled Redfish with Orleans sauce, Chicken Marsalis, truffle mashed potatoes and a large assortment of desserts including a fabulous rum cake and white silk cake. Our employees just loved everything and now want Front Porch Pantry every time!

  8. LOVE Front Porch Pantry!!! The food always arrives on time and is Delicious! My family can sit down to a healthy meal together even on a crazy busy day!!! Thank you FFP��

  9. Front Porch Pantry to great! I love the food and so does my family. The food always arrives on time! I love the healthy alternative of Front Porch Pantry.

  10. Great quality food, it arrives on time and it always makes dinner an easy step process.

  11. We order Front Porch Pantry every week and can't wait to see what the menu is for next week! Our 3 year old daughter runs to the door every Tuesday evening screaming "Front Porch Pantry is here!" FPP makes our lives a lot easier. Thanks!

  12. I have ordered from Front Porch Pantry several times and have never been disappointed. The food selection is great, something for everyone, and the food is definitely restaurant quality. I especially like the Soup and Salad selections for when you want something light. Front Porch Pantry is perfect for when you want top quality food without having to cook yourself.

  13. The Front Porch Pantry did not disappoint! I had the Uptown Chicken Club, the Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad and the Rum Cake. They were sizable portions and delicious! The Rum Cake was the best Rum Cake I have ever eaten. I would highly recommend the Front Porch Pantry for those with busy schedules and even those who just don't want to cook.

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