Tuesday, August 30, 2016

LASH Delivery

As of late, there are so many delivery service providers to choose from. Door Dash, Favor, UberEats - the list is endless. But what do all of these have in common, other than that they bring you food straight to your door? That's right, they don't deliver alcohol to you with your meal.

Let me introduce you to Lash Delivery. The ONLY service that delivers food and alcohol in one delivery. And if that weren't already enough, you can order from multiple restaurants and even get pharmacy and convenient store items delivered all in ONE order and ONE delivery.

With their easy to use App, you can place your order for immediate delivery or up to 7 days in advance. As a chronic planner, this is probably one of my favorite features! If you're like me, you're already making plans for Labor Day weekend, and Lash Delivery is here to help you out.

In under 60 minutes, your entire order will show up at your doorstep. Mark your favorites, reorder at a touch of button, it's seriously that easy!

Lash also has a wonderful referral program - give $10 & get $10.

Location: Dallas, TX, USA

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