Thursday, September 22, 2016

Deep Ellum Welcomes Emporium Pies

The beloved Emporium Pies has officially expanded to Deep Ellum!

After having a home in Bishop Arts and McKinney, and trickling into numerous restaurants and coffeeshops around the metroplex, it was about time they opened up a new shop.

I first fell in love with their pies a few years ago in Bishop Arts when I tried their Smooth Operator. The french silk chocolate with a pretzel crust had me sold almost instantaneously. Since then, that decadent pie had been my number go-to. That is, until I welcomed their Cloud Nine pie into my life. This is a three layer cream pie. Yes, y'all, THREE layers! And they incorporate a house-made caramel butterscotch custard and toasted brown sugar meringue.

It may be both a blessing and a curse to be so close to these heavenly pies. (A curse on my waistline that is.)

As of last week, the new location is officially open, and it's so new, they are no where to be found on google maps! I've linked Pecan Lodge below, as they are now next door neighbors!

Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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