Sunday, October 16, 2016

#ButFirstBrunch at Happiest Hour

This week we had work, errands, laundry ... but first, brunch!

I've always believed that breakfast has the best meal options. Savory and sweet, how can someone argue? Over at Happiest Hour, they have mastered some truly inspired dishes that will satisfy every pallet.

For a truly southern meal order the Biscuits + Gravy made with jalapeno venison gravy. This was the only meal on the menu that the chef wasn't able to make dairy free for me. It smelt amazing and the house-made biscuits looked so fluffy and flakey I have no worry that they weren't everything I would have expected them to be. But no worries, something even more tempting was on it's way...

PANCAKES, PEOPLE! Otherwise known as Sugar Rush Hotcakes, they are topped with peanut butter and nutella pebbles and drizzled with blueberry apricot compote. I'm not even sure what to tell you other than these pancakes were hands down amazing, and I couldn't stop myself from taking bite after bite.

To be dairy-free, mine wasn't topped with hollandaise.

We decided that the Rise & Shine Sandwich would easily be our go-to choice since we are usually pretty classic in our meal choices. Bacon, shoestring hashbrowns, and fresh avocado are hugged between two slices of sourdough bread, topped with two eggs and hollandaise. Flip that egg to the inside, cut in half, and get to attacking this messy but delicious sandwich.

The Crab Cake Benedict puts a fresh twist on the typical eggs benedict. The crispy crab cake added so much flavor and texture that my tongue was singing.

For a meal more on the side of lunch than breakfast, order the Shrimp + Grits. With a bit of a spicy kick and plenty of shrimp to fill you up, this dish reminded me a lot of some of my favorite shrimp gumbos. I imagine it would pair amazingly with a Bloody Mary.

Did I mention the Frose yet? Frozen rose wine. Um, yes please. The alcoholic slushie of your dreams.

Everything is either made in-house or is locally sourced from the Harwood District - cheers to supporting local! A great spot with amazing views and perfect patios puts the cherry on top of a beautiful weekend in our favorite city. Oh, and don't forget to ask for David to get some grade A service.

Thank you to Happiest Hour for comping our meal. As always, all opinions are ours.
Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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