Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Chix

It may be too soon to speak, but I've got a feeling that Super Chix will be your new go-to for some amazing chicken. They have a wide range of sandwich toppings and dipping sauces as well as some southern deep fried appetizers like the fried pickles.

Hello fresh cut fries! Salt, Signature Sweet, or Rosemary Black Pepper, they've got a seasoning to please your taste buds and fill your belly. My personal favorite is the signature sweet. Pretty sure I would gladly walk out with a bag full of fries and be completely content with my decision.

Dessert time! Pick from Chocolate, Vanilla, or the Flavor of the Month custards that are house made and basically on tap. They even have take-home pints of current and recent flavors for you to curl up on the couch with later. Yum.

The best part is that everything is incredibly fresh. It's not like your ordinary chain fast food restaurant. All vegetables are delivered and sliced up daily. And when you order your food, it gets fried on the spot, so that your meal comes out fiery hot!

Short and sweet. We got to eat some flavorful food and make some cool new friends. Super Chix is super awesome.

Take a peak at their full menu here.

There are currently two locations - Dallas and Richardson. The Dallas location is mapped below!

Thank you Super Chix for comping our meal. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.
Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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