Friday, November 4, 2016

West Coast Vibes

Last weekend, we welcomed a little piece of California to Snider Plaza. Introducing... 

West Coast Vibes!

West Coast Vibes is one of Dallas' newest boutiques (the grand opening was just last weekend)! Think classic casual cool for the Texas girls who are truly California girls at heart.

Featuring brands you'd find at Kitson or Fred Segal, you'll find tons of cute pieces you won't find just anywhere here in the South. This really is the best part about WCV. It's truly unique in this part of town, where you'll find similar styles in almost every other boutique you stumble into.

From catchy graphic tees, to comfy yoga pants, to trendy plaids, the boutique carries everything you need to rock the beachy Californian style. Not to mention, their dazzling bomber jackets! They come in every color, a thin or thick material, and are made to make you look instantly and effortlessly more stylish. I grabbed one in the olive, and let me just tell you now, I'll be wearing it all through fall!

And, if you follow along on our Instagram story, I found the cutest gold "Dallas" necklace! This is one of the many other pieces of jewelry I was dying to get my hands on. 

Another great thing is that whether you're shopping with your girls, boyfriend, sister, or daughters, there's something for everyone. The entire left side of the store is curated for kids, and in the back, there's a section for men!

So if you're a transplant from the West Coast or have always loved California style, you'll definitely want to pay a visit to West Coast Vibes!

We've mapped where WCV is below. They aren't on Google Maps yet, so use this address!

Click here to learn more about WCV and the brands they carry.

Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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