Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Drip Coffee

About a year ago, I was on the hunt for a new coffee shop when I stumbled across Drip Coffee. I spent a few hours sipping on my latte and working at the shop and was all in all mildly unimpressed. Fast forward a year, I came back to Drip Coffee to give it another try, and now I'm beating myself up for depriving myself of their coffee for so long!

Drip Coffee join the Park Cities family in 2005 and has since become a local favorite because of their high quality coffee. And for the coffee snobs out there (you know who you are), Drip roasts all of their beans in house and in small batches to ensure that their coffee is served at its peak flavor. You will also find a huge variety of beans from different origins. The list is quite impressive.

The Laura -  a half caffeinated double shot Americano with steamed almond milk. Drip Coffee has so many loyal customers, who have ordered one drink so often that their specific drink has overtime came to be named after that person. Shout out to Laura, you have great taste!

Proof that Drip roasts their coffee beans themselves! These are the green/unroasted coffee beans imported internationally.

The Brain Freeze - similar to a Frappuccino from Starbucks. Keep in mind that this is the only drink that cannot be made with almond or soy milk. Everything else can!

Chemex - Have you seen one of these contraptions and wondered what the heck it is? You're not the only one! I have always known it was used for coffee but had never seen it in action. It turns out that the chemex is used for large batch pour overs! One of Drip's coffee experts gave me the full run down, and I learned that pour overs are such a simple yet intricate coffee brewing method. Nonetheless, the final product is completely worth the time and effort that goes into it.

The Nitro - Drip's cold brew on tap! I would definitely recommend this for any beer lovers. It has the consistency of a Shiner, full-bodied and smooth, but with a strong caramel and chocolate coffee flavor. The Nitro's flavor is dynamic and will give you that jolt of energy to get you through the day.

There are tons of big things happening at Drip! As of last week, they announced their new happy hour - 20% off from 12-2pm Monday - Friday! And I got word that they'll be opening up a second location in the near future! I can't wait to see what else they bring to the Dallas coffee scene. Keep an eye out, as we'll be sure to keep y'all in the loop with any new developments as we hear about them!

More about Drip Coffee here.

A big thank you to Drip for the coffee and brewing tips! As always, all opinions and thoughts are our own.
Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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