Saturday, April 1, 2017

Clearly Cookies

Happy First Day of April! It's been awhile since our last Small Business Saturday, but today is as good as any to bring it back!

Last week, we were introduced to Clearly Cookies, a Dallas-based custom cookie business started by the Grose Sisters. Clearly Cookies specializes in creative, bold treats. They have been baking alongside their mother since young girls and are now sharing their talents with the nation! 

Clearly Cookies was gracious enough to create "Finding Dallas" cookies for us to try and can we take a moment to cherish how adorable these cookies are? These girls are as talented as they say, and these cookies are as good as they look. These delectable sweets are buttery, crumbly, and everything you could ask for in a cookie. The Grouse Sisters truly deliver, and I don't only mean delicious cookies. They deliver nationwide!

All their cookies are custom made and range from $4-6 depending on the complexity of the design. You can check out some of their designs on their instagram, @clearlycookies, but they are always adding new designs. You can reach them at

Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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