Friday, April 21, 2017

Whisk Crepes Cafe

Over the past 6 months we've shared some noteworthy additions to the Sylvan Thirty community - an authentic ramen bar, a modern coffee shop, and an eco-friendly nail salon, among others. Being a huge fan of the development, I've made it a personal mission to explore all the new shops and eateries. Last weekend, a friend and I ventured over to Whisk Crepes Cafe.

Nestled in the corner across from Cox Farms Market, Whisk is a quaint little crêperie, serving a combination of sweet and savory crepes. Owner Julien Eelsen, a French native, grew up making crepes with his grandmother and dreamed of making crepes for a living. After falling in love with the people of Dallas, he chose our city to settle in and open his very own crepe shop. 

Savory crepes are served with either a buckwheat or flour batter. For a more traditional savory crepe, choose the buckwheat, aka galette. It's not as fluffy as the "pancakey" flour batter, but it has an earthy taste that enhances the other flavors on the plate.

My friend went with the chef's special - mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes, tossed greens, pesto, pine nuts, and lemon. It's recommended to order from the specials menu. Chef Julien will come up with different flavor combinations using ingredients that are in season to create these specials that change often! Trust us, after trying the current special, we agree that they are not worth missing! We loved the pesto and lemon flavors that popped. It was light and refreshing, making for a perfect spring meal!

I ordered the prosciutto, parmigiano, mixed greens, walnuts, and cantaloupe. I know what you're thinking. Cantaloupe? That's exactly why I went with this combination. I've never seen cantaloupe paired with prosciutto, and I thought I'd try something a little less than ordinary. And what a great combination! To me prosciutto is on the saltier side. Don't get me wrong I still love prosciutto, but the cantaloupe mellows out the saltiness and creates and explosion of delicious flavors.

For sweets, the crepe are served with the flour batter.

One of us went chocolatey - Cookies & Cream - cookie cream, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and crushed cookies. The other got the Lemon Curd, strawberries, whipped cream, cookie crumbs, and fresh mint.

Both were good in different ways. One was more decadent and the other was fruity and light. Either way, you can't really go wrong.

We ordered off the specialty crepes menu, but you also have the option to build your own. Each crepe is $3 and each topping you add on vary in price.

Whisk is a huge believer in shopping local and gathers ingredients from surrounding suppliers. Fruits, vegetables, and other necessities are sourced from Cox Farms, Hardies, Vital Farms, Mil King, and Good Flow Honey. You'll also see that Julien uses BBQ from Lockhart Smokehouse! We love locals supporting locals, so we fell in love with Whisk a little more after learning this.

A selection of wine is available to sip on in house or take home. The rosés are definitely worth mentioning as well as their list of cider crisps, both excellent paired with crepes. For brunch, $3 mimosas!

The entire menu is available at all times of the day - from 8am to 10pm. Breakfast, brunch, dinner or even just dessert, Whisk is a spot for any meal and any occasion. Try one of the Tex-Mex inspired Crepes!

View the full menu here.

Pro-tip: bring your receipt from either Whisk to Pink Pedi for 10% off (or vice versa)!

Thank you Whisk Crepes for inviting us in. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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