Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blog and Brunch DFW at Fearing's Dallas

Located in the heart of Uptown and well-known for their elevated American cuisine, Fearing's Dallas was the destination for this month's Blog and Brunch DFW! Our blogger friends were completely stoked about the brunch at Fearing's, but to be completely honest, I had known little about Fearing's before our meal, so I didn't get what the excitement was all about. This quickly changed as I pulled up to the valet at the Ritz Carlton. The sophisticated furniture, the sparkling chandelier, and the large windows lining the walls - to say Fearing's is an elegant dining space would be an understatement. As expected, the food is nothing short of elegant either.

We basically ordered the entire brunch menu (besides all the starters), and here's the 4-1-1.


Between the four options under Breaking Bread, my top pick would be the classic Buttermilk Biscuits. They are like little fluffy pillows. The perfect texture combined with a more than adequate amount of butter. Carbs and butter? Sign me up!


We tried a few of the starters, but my favorites were the Chilled Shrimp Campeche Cocktail and the Dean's Tortilla Soup. Okay, I'll be completely honest with y'all. Fearing's is not cheap. It's the type of place where the prices aren't listed on the menu! BUT, if you want to go for the experience and not break the bank, get these two appetizers. They were my absolute favorite items of the afternoon. The best shrimp cocktail and tortilla soup I've had in a while. 

(FYI - These are two separate starters. The photo below does not display full portions. We received sample sizes to try both, but I would've gladly eaten full portions for my entire meal.)


Try the BBQ A Bar N Ranch Beef Tenderloin and Dr. Pepper Braised Rosewood Ranch Short Ribs. They're not your ordinary brunch platters, but they are tasty and hearty.

Buffalo Chili Benedict 

Dr. Pepper Braised Rosewood Ranch Short Ribs
Crispy Fish Tacos
Gaby's Migas
Granny Fearing's 'Paper Bag Shook' Fried Chicken
BBQ A Bar N Beef Tenderloin


Three options available. It really depends on what you're wanting in that moment. You can't go wrong here.

Happy brunching, y'all!

Full menu here.

Tip: Try to find street parking if you want to save a few bucks on valet.

Thank you Fearing's Dallas for hosting a complimentary Blog and Brunch DFW. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.
Location: Dallas, TX, USA


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