Friday, August 18, 2017

National Hot & Spicy Food Day at Razzoo's Cajun Cafe

I am always happy to learn something new, and I recently learned A TON about Razzoo's Cajun Cafe. Apart from how expansive their menu is, I found out some really neat stuff about the kitchen. I'm a huge supporter of fresh and house-made items, and Razzoo's delivers. With nearly every item being created in-house, they are able to accommodate any meal for any kind of allergy or intolerance.
This was a huge plus for me because I had no worry in my mind that I would be leaving with a stomach ache. Of course, my +1 for the night got to try all the dairy products so y'all still get to hear about those!
Now they didn't just invite us in for nothing.
Tomorrow, August 19th, is National Hot & Spicy Food Day
and we
got to preview how to celebrate at Razzoo's Cajun Cafe!

With a tasting of tons of sauces featured on the menu, my mouth was on fire by the end of the night. In order from least spicy to most, here's our thoughts on the tastings for the night.

Reminiscent of chicken gravy, this sauce is best paired with blackening spices

Crawfish Lemon Butter
Obviously buttery and creamy, but the hint of citrus made us think of ranch

Cajun Etouffee

This seafood gravy is when a bit of spice started to kick in!

Creole Cream
This slightly spicy, garlic cream sauce is great when you want a lighter, less rich sauce

Fais Deaux Deaux
This was like a cajun teriyaki sauce, I dipped everything in this the rest of the night

Jalapeno Cheese
This is exactly what you would imagine and it's as great as you think

Shrimp Creole

This zesty tomato sauce had us thinking of a spicy salsa gumbo 

BBQ Ouch
If you can handle the spice of this sauce we give it 10/10!

This sauce is hot enough to make you sweat, but man almighty is it flavorful and delicious!

For a sweet sauce (say, to dip your shrimp cocktail)
get a heaping bowl of their Cherry Mustard sauce - you can thank me later.

Cajun Fried Steak
This Texas sized steak stayed crisp even after that thick layer of gravy had been layered over it for a while... I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty incredible.

Creamy Cajun Fondue Dip
Y'all. If you like queso, you will like the Creamy Cajun Fondue Dip. Just order it.

Check out their menu here, but don't be shy to ask for something creative. I suggest asking for their fresh salmon slathered in the Fais Deaux Deaux sauce.


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  2. Fooooooood! i need some good food! You guys are killing my taste buds, in a good way. If it is hot and spicy give it to me. I cant wait to visit Dallas and specifically this cafe sometime next year.Wow!