Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Canton & Hall

I'm a huge watch fanatic, and when Canton & Hall invited me in to have a look at their line of watches I was ecstatic!
I always feel naked if I forget to throw on my watch, and man have I been dressed to impress with the watches I snagged from these guys.

Located off Canton and Hall streets in Deep Ellum (lightbulb moment for anyone?)
they personify the Dallas lifestyle.
Chic and minimalist, they will fit the style of any Dallas explorer.
 The masterminds behind these watches have thought of it all.

They are true quality and as much as I love my watches, I'm so rough with them.
In general, I'm a clumsy human being so I bump into most things.
These watches have withstood my many stumbles and still look as beautiful as the day I got them.
The leather - which smelt fantastic when I first got it - took a few days to soften up. No complaints here, that's when I knew it was the real deal.

No better feeling than supporting local business with something so functional and beautiful.
Check out their collection here!


  1. Awesome! These watches look so beautiful and elegant I really liked the Italian strap of he first watch. I think I should buy a one for my brother’s birthday, he will be happy to have it

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