Monday, April 23, 2018

Checkered Past: The Wine Pub of Dallas

Checkered Past Winery is an urban wine pub located in the heart of Dallas, serving only the highest quality Texas wines, along with others of the same quality from all over the world.

Sandro DiSanto, the mastermind behind Checkered Past, is a true wine connoisseur – first generation American and full-blooded Sicilian, this man was born to school people on wine. His passion for winemaking is truly admirable, and we were lucky enough to learn a thing or two from him.

This place is the perfect spot if you’re into casual hangs with good friends and good wine. There’s tons of great space filled with a modern, artsy interior and plenty of comfy seating. They even host fun events for the public and private events for special occasions. Check out their next event here.

We got started off with McPherson's Albarino – sold solely at Checkered Past – which is a sweet and fruity full-bodied white wine that is perfectly paired with their cheese & charcuterie board and red pepper hummus. The hummus is made in-house and DiSanto takes a lot of pride in it. (Rightfully so.) It has a slight spice to it that creeps up on you but put it on their flatbread wedges and you’ll eat it all without a second thought.

I’m not a huge fan of red wines or salmon, but the next pairing was to die for. Their smoked salmon and herb cream cheese bruschetta raised my eyebrow at first, I’ll be honest. I’m very particular about textures, and seafood tends to displease my taste buds, but this exceeded any expectation I initially had. The salmon was smoked so perfectly, it actually melted in my mouth. No fishy taste or chewy texture whatsoever. All of that paired with their Malbec makes for the perfect fare.

If you’re anything like me, you save room for dessert. Checkered Past’s cheesecake with cherry topping is absolutely heavenly - only a true cuisine genius could’ve created this recipe. We had it along with Checkered Past’s own, 101 Sweet Red, which is truly the perfect red wine (coming from someone who isn’t a big fan).

Checkered Past is huge on finding a wine that fits your taste. So, even if you haven’t tried any of their wines, you’re in great hands.

Wine not your thing? DiSanto also keeps a full stock of locally-brewed beers in the winery, along with a beautifully-executed Porter from Pegasus City – this one served on a nitro tap. Only Checkered Past serves it up like this and it gives the Six Floor Porter a smooth and creamy finish, which is honestly beyond description.

Checkered Past Winery is easily one of our favorite little hidden gems in Dallas. They also have a kick-ass Wine Club in which every other month, Wine Club members pick up two or four bottles – depending on membership level - of exclusive wines all chosen and loved by Sandro. No membership or cancellation fees. For more information on additional benefits, click here.

Huge thank you to Checkered Past for all the hospitality, fantastic conversation, and even better wine!

Go visit DiSanto and his amazing team any day of the week (except Mondays) at their location at South Side on Lamar.

Written by Tory Landers, photos by Erin Wayland


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